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    Writing On Buzzfeed

    The struggle readers don't understand

    Rude comments

    I do actually read every comment. What I don't understand is why people take the time to comment just to be a bitch. "Oh, I'm sorry the font isn't your favorite" Also people need to fact check before calling people out , I'm not sorry I'm right


    Buzzfeed does edit pictures and text which is nice until someone assumes it was all written by you and talks shit about it. Usually Buzzfeed changes the pictures and titles entirely.

    Never seen

    Many post people make are never seen by anyone. You have to hope someone at Buzzfeed will see it and boost it. I have probably written 20 post and only 2 were ever notice

    similar topics

    Some times you're shock to see another post becoming popular while others aren't. take Looney tunes for example space jam becomes trending while a quiz of Looney tune characters never see the light of day or maybe you write about each part of a franchise and only the first one does good

    Photo hunting

    You need to attract attention to your post so it can be seen and edited, which means looking for photos then photoshopping them. Then you need them to be the right size. Finally you upload them only to have them taken out later

    Being original

    It can be tough trying to write something new and fresh while also wanting to be on trend. Usually being original won't get someone to take the chance on you and boost you, yet being on trend often means someone will have already beat you to the punch


    Hitting the fail button is like telling the writer they suck for actually giving you something to read or do. Imagine getting free food and being mad.


    When you take a quiz it's quick , but making one is time consuming. You need four choices for each question and a picture for each choice. Imagine a ten question quiz that means the quiz maker had to have 40 options. If that's not enough work you can also add different fonts and colors for each question.

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