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    What It's Like Being An Artist

    That's a beautiful dot, that's a smudge

    Never knowing

    You will never know if people really cared about your art. Maybe if you're lucky when you die people will remember your art or notice it for the first time. Sadly the artist will never know if they became famous

    You can't art wrong

    I absolutely hate this saying first off art is not the thing you are doing it is what you are making secondly a Vincent van Gogh and shit smeared on paper aren't even close to being the same. I literally seen pubic hair on a bar of soap in a museum, but that doesn't make it art.


    Many artists deal with people taking credit for their work. All we ask is that you give credit to the original creator when reposting, it shouldn't be that hard considering they just used the copy and paste button to steal the image


    If we don't ask for it don't give any. We are hard enough on ourselves trying to make it look better. You shouldn't just assume we want feed back, sometimes we spend many hours a day working on just one piece only to get rude and hurtful comments.

    Comparing yourself to others

    It's hard not to compare yourself to other artist. What you need to understand though is everyone is go at different things maybe you can't draw animals , but you rock at portraits. Everyone wishes to be able to do everything right away, but learning different art styles takes time and it only gets better the more you push out of your comfort zone

    Art won't make a living

    people will tell you that all the time. Ok, grandma try telling Walt Disney that when you meet him. Jokes a side many older people look down on younger people for wanting to be a full time artist claiming there's no need for it or there's no money in it. Sure it can be hard finding a job , but there is a lot of need for it considering how many things involve art like ads, TV shows, movies, signs, poster and so on


    Likes and positive comments mean so much more to artists. It's like telling us you enjoy part of ourselves. We put part of our hearts and time into each piece. I personally can remember how I felt while working on a drawing because it tends to show.


    normal people just don't realize how many shades there actually are. Blue isn't just one color you got baby blue, sky blue, royal blue and so. Next time you see a painting try looking closer at a certain color you'll definitely notice more

    terms we us

    W.I.P. means work in progress. Another popular one is O.C. which mean original character. Then you also have technical words for different technics like pointillism for when a painting is made of dots

    Not a one trick pony


    Many artist like to challenge themselves to get better by doing multiple styles. It's best not to just assume an artist can only do one thing well, yes some people are better at certain styles than others , but its because each artist is different and spends more time on a style they personally like best


    both of these koi fish were done by the same person

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