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    10 WTF Moments In Nightmare On Elm Street Franchise

    We do not mention what happened in 2010 because it was to awful

    1. Slapping ass

    Yup, Freddy Kruger takes a towel and smacks the coach's cheeks. At least he stopped whatever the coach was trying to do with the teenage boy. Good job Freddy.

    2 Dogs

    If we didn't know these were mask I'd be vomiting. Just imagine creepy disgusting baby faces on dogs.

    3. dream child

    Watching this thing crawling fast after being born. Imagine being the mother of this, there goes my little murder isn't he adorable.

    4. Tongue

    A disgusting telephone or how about this one

    He a freak.

    5. Motorcycle

    🎶On a highway to hell🎶 wait does this mean he was riding Freddy!? Either way the death was definitely memorable.

    6. Going to the beach

    You probably remember the memes like You can never be this cool. The whole kill is funny starting with Freddy using his glove as a shark fin to him stepping on the women's head to push her in quick sand.

    7. Ear screeching

    Freddy starts by sticking a q tip into one ear and through the other. Next he cuts off the boy's ear which he then throws at him. The ear now has sharp legs which dig into the boy when Freddy scratches a chalkboard.

    8. Stuffed to death

    Being force to eat your own guts. Is a new fear people never knew they had. This was even more unsettling when she later pops out of the fridge.

    9. Video game

    mortal kombat could never. Freddy Krueger is definitely a button spammer. The teenager is pull into an old T.V. were he gets hit with a pan and stomped on.

    10. Snake

    Freddy turns into a giant snake trying to eat her. creepy sure practical not so much just dig your nails into his eyes


    In dream warriors when the woman is taking her top off she was originally going to have Freddy Krueger's face, talk about a mood killer

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