10 Things You Should Think About The Next Time You Take A Photo

So you took a horrible photo with your camera phone. Relax! Get a do-over with the Nokia Lumia 1020 Take Two contest. You could win a new phone! And armed with that and these tips, your photos will be perfect!

1. Use the flash only when necessary!


Flash is annoying, and it often washes out the subjects of the picture.

2. Find the light.


Take pictures with natural light as much as possible! Low lights encourage blurry shots.

3. Watch where you place your fingers.

Andy Kraut

Your picture may look crystal clear, but a finger can ruin it all.

4. Keep your hands steady!


All you’ll get is blurred lines and sad pictures.

5. Clean your lens!


This makes a HUGE difference. Which would you rather have? A picture with a big smudge spot? Or a picture with no smudge? That’s what we thought.

6. Take lots of photos. You can delete them later.



It’s okay. You’re not using film. Take 50 pictures if you need to.

7. Consider your background.

Zach McKnight

Ain’t nothing wrong with a selfie, but please, please look at the background of your photo before posting it to the internet.

8. Get close to whatever you’re photographing.


So this may be difficult in certain situations, BUT the closer you are THE BETTER!

9. Think about composition and photo angles.


Nobody looks flattering from below. Nobody.

10. Use the highest resolution possible!


It may look okay on your phone screen, but putting it on your computer can be a whole different story. Check your settings!

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