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Which Crib Girl Are You??

This is important.

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  1. What do you get from Sonic?

    Dr. Pepper w/ raspberry and vanilla
    Diet Coke. Unless you tryna treat yo'self... then regular Coke.
    Peach Green Tea
    Coke w/ cranberry and vanilla... and a corndog
    Mango Sweet Tea
    Mozzarella sticks
  2. On a scale of 1 to OHDANG, how messy is your room?

    A tornado ripped through my room, it's not my fault
    If the mess is confined to my closet, does that count as clean?
    I might have a few things on the floor, but you better believe my bed is made #militarybrat
    Clean except for the occasional laundry items and lamination scraps.
    I keep my door closed so you'll never know ;)
    Purty neat. but you'll always say "I'm so sorry my room is a mess"
  3. What's your type?

    "leads a music thing? beard? man bun?"
    A&M boiz ;))))
    Older men
    If u single and interested, u my type. but i do have standards...
    Short, buff, tan
    Theater boys. The straight ones.
  4. It's Friday night! what are you doing?

    I've got a G-Troupe show and a nerds rope so....
    wanna go see a movie? IIICCEEEEESS!!!!!
    Whatever everyone else is doing! Let's be friends and hang!
    At a KOT house... stealing something
    With BF(dackery), unless it's roomie night!
    At rehearsal, but when I get out, it's GDFR
  5. What food do you most likely have in the fridge?

    Cauliflower and something from Trader Joe's
    Salsa. Very spicy salsa. and buffalo sauce
    I just found out I have my own shelf! I'm going to fill it with cinnamon rolls and cookie dough.
    Ice cream and cold brew. And diet coke. They gotta be cold.
    Pickles and pre-made salads.
    Either leftovers of whatever I cooked, or leftover fast food. Depends on if i went to the grocery store or not. Most likely not.
  6. What is your last played song on Spotify?

    Cabinet Battle #1 from Hamilton
    Cotten-Eye Joe
    F-Apologies by JOJO (she's a goddess)
    Closer by the Chainsmokers #onrepeat
    Anything by Owl City
    No Problem by Chance the Rapper
  7. What time do you go to bed?

    3:30 am
    12:00. I have an 8 am!
    11:15. I have to teach tomorrow!
    No one knows my bedtime.
    Whenever I get home from rehearsal.
    Depends on how early I'm getting up to study because i procrastinated TBH
  8. Favorite TV show?

    Scream Queens
    I just enjoy all TV. But especially anything by Lisa Ling.
    30 Rock/The Office
    New Girl
    The Originals
  9. Describe your dance ability

    I'm always the sharpest one. I'm very sharp.
    Did you not see me on the front row of Pigskin?
    I don't have time for that, I'm too busy building a kick-ass float.
    I'm been dancing my whole life
    I just move how the music tells me to
    I have a black woman's soul trapped inside my white woman body
  10. What were you like in middle school?

    I fainted easily and I played soccer
    A competitive Irish dancer #cultured
    I suffered from huge sweat stains
    I was very confident... I should not have been that confident
    I was badminton team captain and team founder
    I was fat and ugly... PTL for puberty amirite
  11. What do you want for Christmas?

    apple watch. they're waterproof now!!
    cute business clothes #ihaveajob
    film equipment
    clothes for my trip to INDIAAAAA!
    school supplies. #ftk
    just girly things #girly
  12. BONUS: What is your favorite restaurant?


Which Crib Girl Are You??

You got: Kolby

you've been known to make entire boxes of cinnomon rolls and only eat one, but generously offer them to everyone. always is the funniest person in the room. youre full of surprises, and youre incredible at acting like a grandma (@gtroupe)

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You got: Becca

you literally think "shanked" means to pants someone, but we still kinda accept you. you're gonna be the world's cutest teacher, and u and dackery are #goals

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You got: Kylie


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You got: Susannah

you're constantly singing show tunes, frequently found at the "halfway" point between waco and c-stat, and always encouraging roomie bonding through our one common food.

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You got: Phyllis

you love #puns and all artistic pursuits. your popovers are hella good and u are the queen of instagram captions and movie quotes

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You got: Noelle

no one knows how u keep up with your like 3 majors and 4 minors, but we are #proud. we all cherish the RARE moments when you irish dance for us, and your maternal instinct keeps us all alive.

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