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    12 Picturesque Autumn Destinations Loved By Travel Bloggers

    Autumn is undeniably the best season to travel. Cool weather, cheaper accommodations, and the spectacular display of vibrant leaves as they turn from green to gold, red, and Auburn. To find the best places to enjoy this seasonal wonder, your cue is to go where the temperate deciduous trees grow in abundance. Oaks, maples, beeches, sweetgums, yellow-poplars, dogwoods, and hickories are some of the tree varieties that have their leaves change colors during the Autumn season. Here are some of the picture-perfect Autumn destinations that travel bloggers can't get enough of.

    1. The Adirondacks, New York, USA

    2. Silver Springs, British Columbia, Canada

    3. Bath, England

    4. Central Park, New York, USA

    5. Arrowtown, New Zealand

    6. Tree Cathedral, Milton Keynes, England

    7. Pavlosk Park, St Petersburg, Russia

    8. The Great Smoky Mountain National Park, US

    9. Sayama Lake, Saitama Prefecture, Japan

    10. Kyoto, Japan

    11. Castañar de El Tiemblo, Ávila, Spain

    12. Rebstock Park, Frankfurt, Germany