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10 Holiday Inspired Hairstyles That Make Us Miss The Holidays Already

We waited what felt like centuries for the holidays to come, and now that they've come and gone, all we're left with is the memories. Including great hair days. Here are a couple of styles that make us miss the holidays.

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1. Nothing says "Christmas-Sleigh" like reindeer antler headbands.

2. ....And messy bobs with cute oversized sweaters.

3. Or how about this cute bow?

4. And if you're lacking inspiration, here are 5 updo styles done on day old braidouts/twistouts.

5. Or if you're feeling lazy, nothing says cute but effortless like buns & onesies.

6. ....And of course wash-n-go's.

7. Then there's always accessorizing with that one piece that sets the entire look off.

8. Santa hats with bombshells waves anyone?

9. Or is soft bouncy wand curls more your style?

10. And you know it's a party when the whole family is in formation.

11. .....Yeah we're officially missing the holidays now.

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