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    Oct 15, 2017

    24 Things That Are Too Damn Real If You're Addicted To Makeup

    Because makeup is life, and life is makeup.

    1. When your collection is bigger and better than ever, but it's still not enough:

    Disney / Via

    2. When you finally decide to stop being a lazy-ass potato and organize all of your shit:

    instagram: @makeuplolz / Via

    3. But then you do your makeup and it transforms into this shitstorm AGAIN:

    instagram: @makeuplolz / Via

    4. When you throw on a full face just to go to the supermarket because Prince Charming could be waiting in the chip aisle:

    Disney / Via

    5. And while there you realize you'd rather go hungry than makeup-less:

    Paramount Pictures / Via

    6. When you find out Sephora's having a sale:

    Paramount Pictures / Via

    7. When every single beauty brand releases a limited holiday collection, so you have to calculate how you'll be able to afford them:


    8. When people criticize you for your addiction to makeup:

    HBO / Via

    9. When you tried a new makeup look you saw on YouTube, only to realize one hour later it looks like pure SHIT:

    bettiesonabudget / Via

    10. When you're going away for the weekend and decide to bring ALL of your makeup with you:

    11. When your mascara pokes you in the eye and you remind yourself beauty is pain:


    12. When you're literally art: / Via

    13. When you've mastered the art of losing 10 pounds in the face:

    14. When you're having a bad day and a stranger compliments your makeup:


    15. When bae knows how to bring out your inner sex goddess: / Via

    16. When you realize they may be the one:

    17. When you took two hours to do your makeup and now you're late for work but don't care because you look BOMB AF:

    NBC / Via

    18. When you decide to finally act like an adult and get your life back in order:

    19. When you need to figure out an outfit first so you can match your makeup to it:

    20. When someone borrows your YSL lipstick and has the audacity to say they don't know where they put it:

    Nickelodeon / Via

    21. When someone who doesn't know shit about makeup says your eyebrows look a little uneven:

    Nickelodeon / Via

    Eyebrows are sisters, not twins.

    22. When guys who say "you don't need makeup" don't realize we don't need them either:

    Twitter: @Tyzae / Via Twitter: @tyzae

    23. When you find a makeup companion who wouldn't hesitate to blot your oil away:

    ABC / Via

    24. And when you literally transform from a creature of the night to a beauty queen:

    WingNut Films/The Saul Zaentz Company / Via, ABC / Via