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If You Identify As A Hedonist, You'll Recognize These 16 Things

"Too much" of a good thing? Sounds fake, but okay.

1. As far as you're concerned, there's no such thing as ~too~ much indulgence.

2. You look for ways to treat yourself every. dang. day.

3. You don't even need to be upsold on the $10 massage at the nail salon.

4. Because, frankly, those little luxuries have become your way of life.

5. And you're constantly trying to get your friends on board.

6. Like, you'll spend hours in a candle store just doing this:

7. Can't choose between two desserts? No problem: You just order both.

8. You've splurged for the flight upgrade just to feel fancy.

9. And you never feel bad about cancelling on plans for self-care.

10. Sure, you'll buy romantic chocolate boxes...

11. ...but they're just for you. Duh.

12. You live for cozy textures, especially silky and soft ones.

13. You've rented a hotel room in the city you actually live in, just because you're worth it.

14. What can you say? You're just good at feeling good.

15. After a long day, nothing feels as good as putting your feet up for a relaxing, hot soak.

16. Well, except the well-deserved feeling of sliding under the covers so you can do it all over again tomorrow.

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