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12 Hacks To Help You Get Things Done Quickly

Life's tough. Here are some tips to get everything done faster and easier.

1. Chill drinks fast with a wet paper towel.

2. Light a candle or a gas stove using spaghetti.

3. Use chapstick to loosen a stuck zipper.

4. Unsubscribe to unwanted marketing emails just by doing a quick search.

5. Peel a banana from the bottom.

6. To remove the stem of a strawberry, just use a straw.

7. To fit two bowls in one microwave, simply throw in a mug.

8. Make moving less stressful using trash bags.

9. Keep your cords organized with empty toilet paper rolls.

10. Use duct tape to open a jar.

11. Don't struggle with key rings. Use a staple remover.

12. Instead of ironing your clothes, pop them in the shower.

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