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5 Awesome Youtubers To Introduce You To ASMR

Youtube and chill.

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Lately, many people have become aware of the existence of ASMR.

Often described as a 'brain orgasm', or a 'brain massage', ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) is the tingling feeling that spreads throughout the body - usually starting at the head, and then continuing through to the spine, upper arms, and even legs -, when in a state of relaxation.

These tingles respond to a series of external triggers. These triggers may be visual, tactile, and/ or auditory. While a simple ASMR video focuses on one of these triggers, an ASMR scenario usually features a combination of them all.

Recently, a number of celebrities have recorded themselves doing ASMR. You can watch some here. Regardless, it is non-celebs who have been doing it for years, and they are quite amazing at it.

Here is a comprehensive list of the best artists in the ASMR game to introduce you to the ultimate state of relaxation!

5. Latte ASMR

View this video on YouTube / Via Youtube

Relatively new to the ASMR scene, Latte's subtle mannerisms and gentle voice are the perfect triggers for tingles, and probably the reasons why her subscriber count has increased so much in the past couple of months.

She usually records her videos in English, as the majority of her subscribers are international, and she also sometimes translates them into Korean and Japanese.

4. ASMR Glow

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ASMR Glow's specialty is the creation of futuristic-themed ASMR roleplays. Not only is she incredibly attentive to details in their elaboration and plot, but they often require sophisticated editing too.

Moreover, she is very talented at make-up, which she usually switches up for her videos. Whether it's her sparkly freckles, space hair buns, or glowy skin, you will be happy to gaze upon them as you fall asleep.

3. FredsVoice ASMR

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Looking like modern-day Thor, Fred combines his British accent with a thorough knowledge of ASMR triggers to help his viewers relax.

Some of his roleplays are very pop culture-themed - featuring Harry Potter, Pokémon, or Star Wars. This makes for a delightful viewing experience, one that is as entertaining as it is relaxing.

With 150K subscribers, he is not as popular as the others on this list as of yet, but he makes up for it with his endless creativity.

2. ASMRrequests

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With nearly 500K subscribers, Ally is one of the most widely-known ASMR artists in the ASMR community, probably because she was one of its first founders.

Her popularity mainly stems from her enthusiasm, and her inventiveness at the time of creating new content, which she constantly excels at.

Like ASMR Glow's, Ally's videos are technically complex, requiring sound technical knowledge that makes for a very realistic viewing experience.

1. Gentle Whispering ASMR

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Informally known as 'the Queen of ASMR', Maria is one of the pillars of the Youtube ASMR community. Fluent in both Russian and English, she often records two versions of the same video, one in each language. Maria's videos feel particularly realistic because she bases many of them off her own interests, hobbies, and professional occupation.

Maria's account is only 50K away from reaching 1M subscribers, which attests to her ability. Her slow and elegant mannerisms, her soft accent, and her convincing performances in roleplays make each of her videos an absolute joy to watch.

I dare you to try and stay awake until the end of one - it's nearly impossible!!

Sleep well!

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