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18 Things Everyone Who's In A Relationship With Sephora Knows To Be True

True love is black and white.

1. You take loads of selfies together.

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2. You love getting Naked with them.

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3. You even invite them over to your house to relax on the couch together.

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4. You try to be supportive by liking all their social media posts.

5. You let them draw sweet little things on your arm.

6. You can't help but smile when you see them.

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7. You get little butterflies when they decide they want this to be a serious relationship.

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8. And they always go all-out to celebrate your birthday.

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9. You get a little jealous when you see other people thirstin' after your bae.

10. You get REALLY defensive when someone suggests Sephora might not be your one true love.

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11. Some people think your relationship is "unhealthy"...

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12. They even call you "obsessed." But you know that this love is REAL.

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13. Sometimes you feel like you're putting in way more than you're getting back in this relationship.

14. But then they go and do something so totally sweet.

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15. They actually make you feel like you matter.

16. Ultimately they helped you become a better, more enlightened person.

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17. And you know that this is your only relationship that actually has a future.

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18. No matter what, Sephora will always be your soulmate.

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