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16 Moments That Prove Flanders Is Stupidly Sexy

He'll definitely diddly your doodly.

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1. When he wore nothing but a leaf.


THOSE. ABS. Can we get a smaller leaf, please?

2. When he bared his patriotic chest while gardening.


A green thumb and yellow pecs. Yum.

3. When he shook that sweet butt in the middle of the street.

Fox /

There's something very brave about a dude who's a bit of an exhibitionist.

4. When he turned his mustache into a musical instrument.

Fox /

He'll blow for you if you blow for him.

5. When his dating video proved that he was VERY well-endowed.

Fox /

FYI, those yellow pixels go PAST HIS KNEES.

6. When he definitely knew how to take control in the bedroom.


You might want to step away to fan yourself for a second.

7. When he totally appreciated vintage lingerie.


You can really get him going if you button it all the way up.

8. When he invaded your romantic fantasies as a friendly, hot stranger.


Now if we could just get that collar open a little wider, it would be even better.

9. When he revealed that he was into some kinky shit.

Fox /

White Bread Ned likes to get a little spicy every now and then.

10. When he satisfied your sweet tooth with the most decadent hot cocoa ever made.

Fox /

Don't worry, he has other uses for the whipped cream, too.

11. When he wrote the sweetest Valentine's Day serenade.

Fox /

They didn't animate Maude's panties dropping, but it's totally happening.

12. When he highlighted his superb acting (and chest) in the musical version of A Streetcar Named Desire.


Don't put him through hell-a and just let him ravish you.

13. When he wasn't afraid to show a little PDA.


Just imagine the sweet brush of his 'stache against your lips.

14. When he slid that glistening six pack into a jacuzzi.


Just when you thought he couldn't get sexier, he goes and busts out the mustache cap.

15. When he danced his way to your heart.

Fox /

Turns out square is not the only kind of dancing he loves.

16. When he showed off that fine, fine ass in a ski suit...

Fox /

But tbh, you'd rather see him in nothing at all.

... And engrained it in your memories forever.

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