17 Pictures That Everyone Who Wears Eye Makeup Will Understand

    When wings turn into panda eyes: an eyeliner story.

    1. Your bathroom is LITTERED with blackened Q-tips.

    2. Sneezing and hiccuping are FORBIDDEN unless you want to end up like this.

    3. But every so often you twitch at the wrong moment and summon the downfall of your perfect lids.

    4. You try to keep that wing conservative, but your hand has a mind of its own.

    5. If you have hooded eyes, you have your own unique set of issues.

    6. You look to tutorials for guidance but always manage to royally fuck it up.

    7. But redoing it over and over again makes your eyes feel raw AF.

    8. You compulsively try new liquid liners to see if it ever gets any easier. (Spoiler alert: It doesn't.)

    9. Honestly you deserve an award for resisting the urge to itch.

    10. This kind of tragedy makes you want to hug your Naked palette close.

    11. You're pretty sure you understand this woman on a spiritual level.

    12. And in your opinion, THIS is a worse crime.

    13. You've seriously considered buying these because FUCK SMUDGES.

    14. You've trained yourself to feel no emotion so as not to ruin all your hard work.

    15. There is no worse betrayal than when your mascara clumps on you.

    16. And you're pretty sure the only way to fight is by opening your mouth in this weird way.

    17. Eye makeup is a gift from God, but also a curse you must fight every day.