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    I Tried Kim Kardashian's Double Spanx Trick For A Day

    Turns out body shapers are the devil.

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    Hey guys, Nina here. Like pretty much everyone, I'm insecure about my body sometimes.

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    Some days I totally love my body and am amazed by it, and some days I wish it looked different. The area that I'm most insecure about is probably my belly. I've got a little stomach pooch (that I suck in for most photos, including this one). I'm not ashamed of it, but when you're constantly fed images of women with flat and toned tummy areas as the ideal, you start to think your gut might not be adequate.

    Because of this, I tend to stay away from bodycon dresses and other clothes that might reveal my lumps. If I wear anything that's tight around my midsection, I cover it up with a jacket or a shirt tied around my hips (as pictured above).

    Kim Kardashian, on the other hand, LOVES bodycon outfits. She recently revealed on her app that one of her tricks when she feels "heavier" is wearing "two pairs of body shapers on top of each other."

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    So I decided to try out Kim's trick and see if it worked for me!

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    For reference, here's me in a tight bodycon dress with no Spanx, one pair of Spanx, and two pairs of Spanx!

    Charlotte Gomez for BuzzFeed
    Charlotte Gomez for BuzzFeed

    It doesn't look like there's a ton of difference between those photos, but I FELT different. My selfies might convey that better.

    Nina Mohan for BuzzFeed
    Nina Mohan for BuzzFeed

    When I first put the two pairs of Spanx on, I thought it made a world of difference. I thought I had gone from lumpy to slim in a manner of minutes. I think just the feeling of being constricted — and in my case EXTRA constricted — made me think that I suddenly had a super-flat tummy, even though the visual difference was actually pretty miniscule.

    The biggest problem I had was with the dreaded Spanx "roll-down."

    Nina Mohan for BuzzFeed

    Kim specifically recommended the "Higher Power" version of Spanx, so I went ahead and bought the Higher Power Shorty ($38). However, I think they're meant for someone with a longer torso than me. They kept rolling down throughout the day, and wouldn't sit normally on my body.

    The roll-down created an extra-tight seal around my ribcage that made the whole day really painful. Around my belly, the Spanx felt binding but not terrible. But the rolls at my waist were downright tortuous.

    Simple daily activities suddenly became a lot harder.

    Nina Mohan for BuzzFeed
    Nina Mohan for BuzzFeed

    I had a really hard time sitting normally. I tend to slouch over my computer, which is probably not great for me, but it's what I'm used to. But, the rolls from the top of the Spanx made it near impossible to sit like that. Even sitting with my back straight was uncomfortable and I had to kind of lean back in my chair all day.

    Eating and drinking also felt strange. I could feel every single morsel travel down my throat and suddenly get pinched when they hit the Spanx area. Drinking soda was probably a mistake. The soda bloat was magnified a thousand times because my stomach felt like it had nowhere to go. I also wondered if the Spanx might have altered my perception of how I was digesting food, because I felt weirdly hungry all day despite eating quite a bit.

    In fact, as the day went on, I became more and more aware of how two pairs of Spanx are not miracle workers.

    Nina Mohan for BuzzFeed

    The strangest thing about this "trick" is that I FELT very contained, but I didn't LOOK very contained. When I initially put both pairs of Spanx on, I thought I suddenly had a super-flat stomach. That's what binding your belly feels like. But as I caught glimpses of my reflection in mirrors and windows, I noticed that I didn't look terribly different and I still had a little gut. And hello, if I'm gonna put myself through this kind of abdominal agony, I expect to look as tight and toned as a Kardashian.

    And I didn't. I was played by Spanx.

    Taking off the Spanx was the best part of my day, honestly.

    Nina Mohan for BuzzFeed
    Nina Mohan for BuzzFeed

    The best parts of my day were when I had to go to the bathroom because I got to roll the Spanx down for a brief moment. And even then, they bound my legs together uncomfortably with all their Spanx powers.

    After wearing them for about nine hours, I finally got to take them off, and oh, sweet relief! I would not wish this kind of barbaric torture on my worst enemies. Also, the rolls from the Spanx left HORRIBLE indentations on my waist. My boyfriend was stunned by how deep they were. They took a really long time to fade.

    Would I recommend Kim's Spanx trick? HELL, NO.

    Nina Mohan for BuzzFeed

    You guys, it's not worth it. AT ALL. If you're short like me, or have a short torso, the Spanx will create really uncomfortable rolls that will make it seemingly impossible to live your life normally. It made it really hard to concentrate throughout the day.

    Also, it didn't even really make that much of a difference! When I asked my co-workers if I looked any ~different~ they all said I looked cute, but generally the same. Even my boyfriend, who spends every day with me and should be able to notice even minor changes on my body, said I looked like I always do.

    I truly think this "trick" is just a marketing ploy by Kim Kardashian and Spanx to get you to buy two of something that you don't need instead of one of something that you don't need.
    I would honestly rather just let my little stomach pooch fly free than put myself through that kind of pain and discomfort again.

    You know what makes a bodycon dress look hot? A BODY. That's all you need to rock tight clothes. #TeamNoSpanx