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    12 Emojis All Makeup Lovers Wish They Had

    Because we all need a clown contour emoji.

    1. The "I'm Trying To Even Out My Wings" Emoji

    2. The "I Don't Wanna Take My Face Off" Emoji

    3. The "I'm Trying Clown Contouring For The First Time" Emoji

    4. The "My Arm Is Now A Work Of Swatch Art" Emoji

    5. The "All My Money Goes Straight Into My Makeup Bag" Emoji

    6. The "Lipstick Is Cheap But Maintenance Is High" Emoji

    7. The "My Beauty Blender Is My Best Friend" Emoji

    8. The "Left Eyebrow Vs. Right Eyebrow" Emoji

    9. The "I Forgot I Was Wearing Eyeliner" Emoji

    10. The "My Sephora Haul Is Here" Emoji

    11. The "I Have A Lot Of Brushes That Only Do One Thing" Emoji

    12. The "Makeup Makes Me Feel Flawless" Emoji