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18 Tragic Photos That Will Make All Makeup Addicts Weep

You can't unsee these makeup tragedies.

1. This face that just wanted to be ~different~ from its neck.

2. This messy AF contour.

3. This assault on everything you hold dear.

4. This creative use of false eyelashes.

5. This reason for companies to stop naming makeup after food items.

6. These very unfortunate clumps.

7. This phone used by a woman "who wore a lot of makeup," apparently.

8. This moldy beauty blender.

9. This proof that liquid eyeliner is the literal worst.

10. This eyelash tragedy.

11. This Too Faced palette that didn't deserve to die young.

12. This eyebrow that's doubling as a playground accessory.

13. These falsies that have somewhere else to be.

14. This toilet disaster that is a looming threat to anyone who keeps makeup in the bathroom.

15. This BRAND NEW E.l.f. collection.

16. This cake situation that isn't sweet at all.

17. This lipstick that fell apart under pressure.

18. And finally, this hit-and-run.