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Top 10 Skull Themed Jewelry

Lets face it, skulls are really cool on anything. They are versatile, showing up in many different scenes and cultures. Skulls have long been worn as a mortality reminder, and afterwards as a symbol of tough people (bikers, criminals, rockers). Now skulls are no longer reserved for the punk rock scene and can also be found on many classy and sophisticated catwalks. With so many options to choose from, accessorizing in skulls is easy. Express yourself no matter where you are by incorporating skull designs into your daily wardrobe. So lets see our list of best skull items of 2017:

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1. Skull Bracelets

In a not so recent past, they were used as symbol of death and mortality. Now, whether the skull bracelets represent mortality or not, one thing is for certain, the bracelets create a good fashion statement. Since time immemorial, people have used the skull bracelets to express their bold fashion sense. Owning skull bracelet jewelry can be a great addition to your own personal style, especially when there are so many different designs to chose from. You may choose to buy the beaded skull bracelets that have been carved from wood. For those people who appreciate the fine things in life, the skulls with a combination of gemstones are the perfect option for you. There are different types of bracelets that you can choose to wear, all you have to do is find one that appeals to you and your style.

2. Skull Watches

Skull Timepieces are best seen as inspiration to use your time wisely until that fateful moment. They come in many different designs yet they all share the same statement – Remember you will die. It's a harsh statement so the skull watches are mostly worn by men who are aware of their time on this earth and know how they want to spend it. And lets face it – they just look cool on any style!

3. Skull Necklaces

Skulls have been on necklaces for centuries. From actual bones, to silver and gold accented skulls. In the past these acted as a reminder of the people who had passed away. Whatever your reason is to love these necklaces, one thing is sure, you will look awesome!

4. Skull Rings

Skull Rings have a history as long as history itself, one that has evolved and had different meanings at different times and in different cultures. From pop fashion back through the rock-stars of the 80's and the bikers of the early 70's, regimental jewelry of WW2, imperial uniforms of the Victorian era, religious iconography of the Catholic Medieval period and back to the Roman Empire, the reminder skulls have been ever-present. The skull ring is surely one of the jewelry pieces that never goes out of style!

The sexiest jewelry a man can wear is skull jewelry: it goes with all alternative styles so you can wear it whether you’re a goth, punk, rocker, punk rock, rockabilly or a style you’ve come up with! From skull pendants, consider adding a few skulls to your closet if you wish to stand out among the crowd. These days, skulls can be found in every color and shape. Bronze skulls, sterling silver skulls, gold skulls, sugar skulls, sparkling skulls, metallic skulls…. There are so many. The hard part will be deciding which one represents YOU best.

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