21 Times Cheese Was God's Gift To Earth

    Thank cheesus.

    1. When you could eat cheese out of a bowl made of cheese:

    2. When there was a grilled cheese sandwich with ACTUAL GOLD on it:

    3. When a slice of pizza was the size of a newborn baby:

    4. When cheese tasted even better in a bread boat:

    5. When cheese never looked so beautiful:

    6. When you haven't lived until you've tried fried balls of cheesey goodness:

    7. When cheese created the perfect nacho soup:

    8. When not a single thing was greater than a perfect bowl of mac 'n cheese:

    9. Except maybe mac 'n cheese PIZZA:

    10. Or mac 'n cheese breadsticks:

    11. When pull-apart bread became your new fave dish:

    12. When jalapeño poppers were life:

    13. When it was the perfect topper for baked potatoes:

    14. When this happened 😍:

    15. When The Mac Mart made everything into mac 'n cheese:

    16. When you couldn't live life without queso:

    17. And that time cheese oozed out of a burger:

    18. Or when that wasn't enough, so pouring cheese on top of a burger also worked:

    19. When fries tasted better with the addition of cheese:

    20. Even when you're on a diet, you can enjoy zucchini cheesy "bread:"

    21. And of course, when cheese was the greatest Bloody Mary topper:

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