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24 Reasons Why Western Australia Is Worth The 17-Hour Flight From London

Get comfy because WA is worth the long-haul wait.

1. You can explore some (or all!) of the 12,500km of beautiful coastline.

Nikki Canning/BuzzFeed

If you're a water baby, you'll have arrived in your version of heaven.

2. There are stingrays at Hamelin Bay just waiting for a pat.

Nikki Canning/BuzzFeed

These gentle giants swim right up to the shoreline and wait for scraps from the local fishing boats and a little pat from the tourists.

3. You can rub shoulders with surfing pros as they all come to Western Australia to catch some of the best waves.

4. You can tick swimming with whale sharks off your bucket list in Exmouth.

5. You can find beaches that are completely deserted.

Nikki Canning/BuzzFeed

No scrambling for the best sunbathing spot close to the shore around here.

6. Which makes some beaches perfect for a bit of nude sunbathing.

Nikki Canning/BuzzFeed / Via Instagram: @nikkitravelled

Just remember to apply sunscreen liberally!

7. The sand is so soft and white it squeaks when you walk on it.

Nikki Canning/BuzzFeed

The locals say it "squeaks like snow", but there definitely isn't any snow around here.

8. You can try stand up paddleboarding with the locals in Gnarabup.

Nikki Canning/BuzzFeed

And then celebrate your first SUPing experience with a cold brew at The White Elephant cafe on dry land.

9. The water is crystal clear and perfect for snorkelling.

Nikki Canning/BuzzFeed

You won't want to head to a beach without your snorkel and fins.

10. Brunches come with a view like this.

Nikki Canning/BuzzFeed

Which makes waking up early on the weekends a cinch.

11. And there are plenty of vegan-friendly cafes, like Flora and Fauna in Perth.

Nikki Canning/BuzzFeed

The meals are so good that even the meat-eaters will consider going vegan for a while.

12. The coffee scene is strong, and you can always get a decent cup of joe.

Nikki Canning/BuzzFeed

To fuel your Western Australia adventures, obviously.

13. Plus, you can tuck into a gelato creation like this at Jersey Jack in Perth.

Michelle Rennex/BuzzFeed

Sharing this ice cream cone of dreams is recommended, but optional.

14. The food markets in Perth are delicious, and some come with views like this.

Nikki Canning/BuzzFeed / Via Instagram: @nikkitravelled

Head to Freemantle's South Beach Sunset Market if you want to dine al fresco with an epic view.

15. You can channel your inner sommelier, and try some of the best wines in the country in Margaret River.

Nikki Canning/BuzzFeed

Stop by the cellar door of some five-star wineries in the region like Brooke's Valley Vinyard, Howard Park and MadFish Wines, and Cape Mentelle Vineyard.

16. It's the best place to get stuck into a traditional Aussie pie.

Nikki Canning/BuzzFeed

The Margaret River Bakery gets our vote!

17. Cute beachside accommodation doesn't cost a fortune.

Nikki Canning/BuzzFeed

Check out the view from this cheap-as hostel in Esperance!

18. The outback is wild and rugged, and exactly how you would imagine it to be.

Nikki Canning/BuzzFeed

You'll soon fall in love with these dust-red roads that go on for miles and miles.

19. There are kangaroos at Lucky Bay just waiting to be your best friend.

Nikki Canning/BuzzFeed / Via Instagram: @nikkitravelled

And you'll start to consider a new career path of "Roo Whisperer".

20. There's a pink lake that is out of this world.

Nikki Canning/BuzzFeed

Where else are you going to find a bubblegum-pink lake in the middle of an island?

21. You can learn how to drive a quad bike through some forest-lined dirt tracks.

Nikki Canning/BuzzFeed

The Eco Adventures tour uses specifically designed electric quad bikes so you can explore dense forests without damaging the natural environment.

22. You'll make lots of new friends on the road...

Nikki Canning/BuzzFeed

And everyone knows furry friends are the best kind of friends.

23. Including quokkas on Rottnest Island, the only place in the world these little guys call home.

24. And Western Australia is, without a doubt, the best place in the world to see sunsets.

Nikki Canning/BuzzFeed

Every night offers up such a spectacular sunset that you might just never want to return home.

Travel was provided by Tourism Australia. BuzzFeed writers do not guarantee coverage.

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