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22 Cool Things That Melbourne Just Does Really Well

Sorry London, your cool game is slipping.

1. Melbourne does rooftop bars like no other.

2. This beach could be your front garden.

3. And on the topic of being by the water, let's just take moment to appreciate how pretty the Melbourne suburb of Docklands is.


Sure London has Canary Wharf, but Docklands in Melbourne feels less like a set from a futuristic space movie and more like somewhere you want to take up sailing.

4. The quirky pop-ups are just beyond.

5. Melbourne's unofficial hipster motto is "eco first and forever".

How to recycle old suburban trains in Melbourne.

What you're looking at here is Easey's - three retired Melbourne train carriages recycled into a burger restaurant overlooking the city.

Environmental sustainability is at the core of Melbourne. From hostels suggesting you save the plastic and offer your Myki card to fellow travellers, coffee discounts when you use a reusable cup, and the City of Melbourne promoting "green walls" across the city, Melbourne is as eco-friendly as it gets. London, you have some serious eco catching up to do.

6. And Melbournians are saving the bees.

7. Melbourne is made for cyclists.

8. Melbournians still look f'ing great through a heatwave.

Overbrook Entertainment

Melbourne fashion is mix of London and Scandinavia; there's a lot of black, a lot of clean lines and, above all else, comfort. And the city residents somehow manage to deal with heatwaves of nearly 40°C and. Still. Look. Goddamn. Good.

9. You have a better chance of actually having a summer.


London's summers consist of maybe two to three weeks of heatwaves intermitted with storms and constant rain. And while Melbourne's weather is just as temperamental, the city has a steady average of 25°C in the summer months, compared to London's 22°C, so you have a slightly higher chance of being able to leave your brolly at home.

10. Night markets make the summer days feel dreamy and neverending.


London has some great early morning weekend markets, but Melbourne's markets come alive at twilight in the summer nights. Queen Victoria Market, South Melbourne Market, St Kilda Market, and the Gaslights Market are just some of the city's best. You can expect some great food, unique fashion and jewellery, and even some tastes from home under fairy lights and blue skies.

11. Sorry London, but Melbourne owns brunch.


The brunch scene is strong in London. A weekend will not go by without at least one brunch with friends, bottomless or otherwise. So if you're already a fan of smashed avo on sourdough or baked eggs, Melbourne is going to serve up some brunch delights that will make you want to eat out every day of the week.

12. Melbourne is actual HEAVEN ON EARTH for coffee snobs.


If you love coffee, and I mean reaaaalllly love coffee, you will find your tribe in Melbourne. The city has hundreds, if not thousands, of independent coffee shops that pride themselves on serving quality brews with the finest beans possible. Plus, it's home to the cold brew (coffee brewed for 12-24 hours and served over ice) which just isn't a thing in chilly London.

13. You can hang out in a laneways and it's not anything dodgy.


While only some of London's cobbled and narrow lanes have been put to good use, Melbourne, being a planned city, has made these small alleys and laneways the trendiest places to hang out. Degraves Street and Hardware Lane are some cutest places to people watch.

14. Melbourne's got a sense of humour when it comes to its street names.

15. Some city centre transport is free!


Londoners, imagine a world where you can hop on and hop off any tube service in the centre of the city, as much as you like, and not pay a penny. Welcome to Melbourne's Free Tram Zone!

16. And on adorable retro trams!

17. Melbourne gives its residents a day off to go watch horse racing.


An actual day off work to go to the Melbourne Cup. I repeat, A DAY OFF! You don't see that happening for Royal Ascot!

18. The street art is on every corner.


While London's best street art can be found in trendy Shoreditch and Hoxton, in Melbourne nearly every building edge becomes a canvas for some beautiful artwork.

19. The Great Ocean Road is on your doorstep.


Walk, cycle, or drive along the stunning views of the Great Ocean Road. From Melbourne, it's just a 90-minute drive to the start of the Great Ocean Road at Torquay. Not to be confused with the London to Torquay drive which is about four hours long and on the never-ending M4.

20. The wildlife is a little more exotic.

21. Vegans will never go hungry in Melbourne.


My vegan friends in London will say that going out for meals can take some rigorous planning and research. But in Melbourne, vegans can rest easy as nearly everywhere has at least one vegan option.

22. And city sunsets really don’t come much better than Melbourne’s.

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