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14 Cats That Sum Up You Trying To Get Fit

Felines totally get your relationship with fitness. You are not alone.

1. When you want to start your health kick, but you've still got all this unhealthy stuff in the house and you don't want to be wasteful:

2. When you try to walk the morning after leg day:

3. When you feel pumped for the rest of the day after a morning workout:

4. But you don't care about any of that when your alarm goes off at 6am:

5. The way only a new pair of tights can make you feel:

6. When you want to work out, but you're really tired, so you give horizontal running a try:

7. When that runner’s high finally kicks in:

8. When you're way too tired to move after doing pushups:

9. When you psych yourself up for a workout by putting on your favourite jam:

10. When the treadmill speed catches you off-guard:

11. When the only thing getting you through your workout is the delicious meal you’re going to devour afterwards:

12. Your face when someone says, “Go on a run, you’ll feel great afterwards.”:

13. When you underestimate that one last pull-up:

14. Your happy shuffle when you discover you crushed your 10k goal time:

Getting fit is hard work, and cats totally get that. But pushing past your comfort zone can also be fun – pole dancing, anyone? If you think so too, we’ve got a new series from NikeWomen you’ve gotta watch: Margot vs Lily. Catch the third episode here:

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