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24 Thoughts We All Have When Running

"I love this. I hate this. I hate this. I hate this. I hate this. I LOVE this!"

1. OK, to be a runner, I've got to actually run.

2. I've been THINKING about running all week, so I'm actually going to do it.

3. That's what I need to do – outrun the sad, outrun the mad, the stress, the way-too-much-fun over the weekend... Get those endorphins kickin'!

4. OK, all laced up. Looking good, feeling good.

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5. Start up Nike+. 6km here I come, LET'S DO THIS.

6. Ahhh, I forgot how much I love running. This is great. I'm great. The world is great.

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7. Starting to feel it now. Reckon that must be at least halfway. 

8. 2km! IT'S ONLY BEEN 2km!

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9. Why did I decide to go on a run today?

10. …because running is great and I love it and I'm definitely not regretting this decision.

Aaand just passed 2.5km. 


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13. OK, focus, you need to cross that road. 

14. It doesn't count as stopping if the little man's red.

Oh come on, OF COURSE the light would turn green juuuust as I get there. 

16. Screw it, I'm sprinting through the intersection.

17. Wow, that was pretty amazing. I'm amazing!

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18. I feel fantastic. Must be that second wind everyone talks about.

19. Or it's just the fact I'm running downhill.

20. Nah, it's definitely the second wind.

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21. I'm crushing this run. Maybe I should sign up for a half marathon?

That's 21km, which is really only 20, which is not that much more than this easy run. 
(Which I'm smashing.)

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23. Maybe I should run a bit further now to test my stamina?

24. Yeah, what's one more km? Let's do this!

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We’re all beginners in the beginning, right? Whether it’s your first run ever, or you’re just getting back out there, everyone has to start somewhere.

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