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11 People Who Got Schooled By Mother Nature

Mother Nature is a fickle fiend. One minute she's cool and sunny, and the next minute she's hot tempered and raging. Be ready for mommy's moods and all of her elements with the Nike Flash Pack.

1. When Mother Nature wants you out of the way, she'll give you a clear sign.

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2. You may think everything is going smoothly, until she decides to school you.

3. She'll turn your journey from a hop and a skip to a hop and a skip and another skip and some struggle.

4. She has a knack for finding the perfect time to knock you off your feet.

5. Her perfect comedic timing will blow you away.

6. Innocent kids aren't safe from her moods that come and go like the wind.

7. Mother Nature teamed up with this kid's actual dad to own him.

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8. She could not care less if you have a job to do.

9. Or how sexy you're trying to be.

10. She especially doesn't care about how special this moment is.

11. Mother Nature plays dirty.