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11 Moves To Take Your Handshake To Another Level

Because it's super important, guys. If you're looking for more ways to take your game to the next level this spring, check out all the baseball gear at Nike.

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1. The Bird-Watcher

When to use it: Following a soaring home run.

2. The Strongman

When to use it: You want to psyche out the opposition with your pitcher's superhuman strength.

3. The "Swing Away, Merrill"

When to use it: To replay a great hit if your field doesn't have a Jumbotron.

4. The Soldier's Farewell

When to use it: To honor the sacrifice and bravery demonstrated in the stealing of a base.

5. The "Swan Lake"

When to use it: After a graceful, gliding catch.

6. The Millennial

When to use it: A bunt, er... whenever.

7. Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!

When to use it: Knocking an opposing team out of playoff contention.

8. The Gentlemen

When to use it: Honoring every subtle aspect of America's finest and most regal pastime.

9. The "Have Some Sugar"

When to use it: After turning a triple play, or following anything especially sweet.

10. The BAMF

When to use it: If you have to ask, you must have had your eyes closed.

11. The Shapeshifter

When to use it: You're confused about what just happened on the field, but hey, everyone's happy, so you're happy.