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Blushable Moments We've All Experienced Working Out


1. Bumping into your co-worker absolutely starkers in the change room.

2. Catching someone’s eye while you’re mid-grunt on the hip abductor machine.

3. Realising you’re not completely clipped in on the spin bike, way, way too late.

4. When the towels at the gym provide way less coverage than you thought.

5. Leaving sweaty butt marks on the bench, and having someone jump onto the equipment before you can wipe it down.

6. Checking your phone on the treadmill and desperately grasping at the safety bar when you almost fall off. In front of everyone.

7. Getting caught flexing your new bicep in the locker room.

8. When your “coordinated" movements always seem to be two steps behind everyone else in the class.

9. Going for a machine at the same time as someone else and having to engage in a polite "no, you go ahead" battle.

10. Looking around a fitness class and realising you’re the only one who’s absolutely red-faced.

11. Getting caught air-drumming when your power song kicks in.

12. When you jump off the elliptical, only to realise your headphones are still plugged in, as it yanks you backwards.

13. Forgetting extremely important items in your gym bag.

14. Realising too late, how close your yoga mat is to your neighbour’s.

So, working out can be really awkward. But don’t worry, we’ve all experienced these blushable moments. Getting fit always has its benefits. Be inspired by the new series from NikeWomen: Margot vs Lily. A Better For It Production. Check it out here.