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    A Definitive Round Up Of Ross Geller's Best And Worst Moments On "Friends"

    I think we can all agree he had his moments. Few and far between, but they were there.

    1. Cool: He could be pretty romantic when he wanted to be.

    Ross points out star constellations on a projected screen for Rachel

    2. Worst: When he got caught smoking pot, he blamed it on Chandler.

    3. Cool: He was smart, with a thirst for knowledge and culture.

    Ross adjusts a statue of a prehistoric male

    4. Worst: He didn't want his son playing with a Barbie.

    Ross holds his young son who has a Barbie in his hands

    5. Cool: He wasn't afraid to experiment with fashion.

    Ross wears leather pants and a matching button up shirt as he ushers his young son into Monica's apartment

    6. Worst: When he couldn't deal with his daughter having a male nanny.

    Ross sits on the couch with a skeptical look on his face as Rachel smiles beside him

    7. Cool: He was a good, attentive parent.

    Ross cradles his newborn daughter close to his face as he sits on the couch

    8. Worst: He fat-shamed Monica.

    Chandler sits next to Monica on the coffee shop couch as Ross sits next to them at a free standing table

    9. Cool: He was a good friend.

    Ross gives Phoebe a bike styled for a little kid as a gift and her mouth is open with shock/happiness

    10. Worst: Lesbian-shaming Carol and Susan.

    Ross points a finger at Susan, who glares at him while Carol sits between them smiling

    11. Cool: He was a good problem-solver.

    Ross stands with his hands clasped together in front of a naked man holding a soda cup

    12. Worst: He put the moves on his cousin.

    Ross' cousin reaches for the popcorn in his lap as Ross sits with his mouth open

    13. Cool: He could dance.

    Monica poses with her arm outstretched as she's picked up by Ross who has one arm in the air

    14. Worst: He was jealous and possessive.

    Rachel sits at her work desk which is overflowing with flower bouquets and a card with Ross' face on it

    15. Cool: He went out of his way to help Sarah after injuring her.

    Chandler, Joey, and Ross help a little girl into a tin foil covered arm chair

    16. Worst: Getting angry at Chandler for sleeping with Monica.

    Ross stands in front of a window with a pained look on his face as one of his colleagues looks on in horror behind him

    17. Cool: The trivia quiz.

    Ross stands in front of a board with multiple color cards as Joey, Chandler, Ross, and Rachel sit on the couch near him

    18. And finally, worst: Running around town to hide the fact that he'd slept with Chloe.

    Ross holds his apartment door open for Rachel as Chloe hides behind it