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How Fluffy Are You Actually?

It's Mothering Sunday and we all know what that means- that's right, someone needs celebrating -but who? Only the fluffiest member of the Barker family can be wholly showered with love today.

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  1. The orange pets

    Comprise the indoor pets, outdoor pets, and Copa Fluffy
    Can be fed with a delicious food that I used to (and for all we know, still do occasionally) eat.
    Get loving treatment and are a perfectly satisfactory alternative to a dog
    Can survive for three weeks without food- amazing!
  2. Guess what I bought from the charity shop?

    Three dresses, two pairs of impractical shoes and a book you haven't heard of
    A massive Impressionist painting and a brand new Kooples top from this season- can you believe it was in the charity shop in Kingston, BNWT, in a Kooples bag, with a shop receipt from just today?
    A Turnbull and Asser tie, a Turnbull and Asser shirt, a Turnbull and Asser handkerchief, a Turnbull and Asser collar stiffener and some Turnbull and Asser cycle clips,
    More secret boots for the boot of my car
  3. It's my day off

    So I'm going to a hut in Romania to eat tinned soup
    Scout District Youth Commissioners never sleep
    Can I come home to the basket?
    Got a class, then tennis, then shopping, then another class, then some bees, then I'll hit the charity shops, then gotta run back to see someone about my car, then yoga, then I'll go to my tennis drill. Don't worry I'll pick up something for dinner.
  4. I'm cooking

    A Skye Gyngell starter with home made mezze. And a home made gradvalax. Then I'm thinking two mains- ricotta stuffed chicken with an apricot glaze and rare steak with carmelised shallots and a creme fraiche dressing. And then five desserts. And cheese.
  5. Animal footprints in the snow

    Clearly attest to the fact that animals know exactly where to go
    Probably a ptarmigan invading my overnight snowhole!
    Could be a kitten!
    Bring me my rifle
  6. My phone

    Is full of memes, notes, and pictures of grey-haired men
    Is larger than my face
    Is smaller than my nose
    Has 1,024 unread messages
  7. In a photo album of Glydnebourne

    I'm the one opening a third bottle of champers
    I'm the one with a fluffy ruff around my hips, lying prone on the grass and licking my lips at opera singers
    I'm the one levitating on the steps
    I am dripping with diamonds and looking VERY FLUFFY
  8. Colin is

    A very good Best Man
    A very tasty olive
    A very tasty man
    A... caterpillar?
  9. That bee is dancing clockwise

    Animals know which way to go?
    Not the bees!
    Yes but can he do the jive?
    Honey afoot!
  10. The fluffiest person is...

    Darling fluffy
    Le Flof
    Maman... maman maman maman maman maman

How Fluffy Are You Actually?

You got: You got Fluffy!

On a scale of one to ten you are the fluffiest. Happy Mother's Day- we love you. MIAOW

You got Fluffy!
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You got: You got Thwol!

This time around, Thwol was not the answer we were looking for. More scruffy than fluffy on this occasion. But you scrub up well.

You got Thwol!
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You got: You got Myke!

Although it's always nice to be Myke (hi, Myke! woaowaowaow) on this occasion being Myke is more luffy than fluffy. Try again once you've got some furkins, not gherkins!

You got Myke!
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You got: You got Little Wee Burns!

Ohhh so close! But, as you can see, the fluffiness in the picture is in fact a hat. Which is in fact a scarf worn wrong. Which in fact belongs to fluffy. I can see how you got confused. Better luck next time.

You got Little Wee Burns!
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