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7 Reasons About Why K-Pop Become So Popular Around The World

K-pop was distributed to large audiences by the music industry. Today, K-pop fans from all over the world go to concerts and sold-out performances.

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1. K-pop was influenced by music from Japan and Western countries.

Korean music companies hire hip-pop teachers to teach singers, and also they hired music directors from the West countries and to create new songs.

2. K-pop tunes are catchy, easy to remember and sing

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Common themes like love, try to catch the audiences’ sympathy, especially young people. For example, the Gangnam style.

3. Music videos with cool themes, bright colors and colorful clothes

The young music stars with colorful clothes are visually pleasing and attack young people’s attention. That is the reason, Korean music video has high clinking number in the YouTube because their cool themes that is easily to catch young people’s attention.

4. Sensual dancing and toned bodies are essentials of K-pop

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We can find those elements from their video, they are trying to catch people’s attention to their music and their pictures.

5. K-Pop’s biggest success stories were built on hardworking people committed to their dreams

Trainee-stars go through vocal, dancing, language, and acting lessons for a long time after school. They even carry out regular physical fitness trainings.

6. K-pop explored their market in order. They explored Asian market first, and then they are trying to explore the Western market.

K-pop has big success in Asian because they emulated Japanese music style and performance style. Today, Korean music companies hired music directors and dancing teachers from the Western countries, they explore the Asian market firstly and they also are trying to explore their market in Western countries.

7. K-pop bands use the new digital technology YouTube which is a platform that attracts fans from all over the world through

K-pop used iTunes and YouTube to target the global market, iTunes and YouTube are international platforms, and K-pop uses those platforms to let more and more people to interest with their culture, even those audiences did not know about Korean culture before. And we can see now, their strategy was successful, today, K-pop is very popular all around the world.

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