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12 Utterly Amazing Things Humans Can Do

Who knew we were so amazing? Brought to you by Nicorette®, who could help you do something amazing -- quitting smoking!

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1. You could build something great that will span the ages...

Yuri Yavnik / Shutterstock

2. ...or maybe build something on a slightly smaller scale.

Brickset / (CC BY http://2.0) / Via Flickr: brickset

3. You could create a beautiful meal...and then eat it.


4. You could make a difference in the lives of all creatures.

Robert Daly / Getty Images

5. You could master the elements of earth...

Thirteen / Shutterstock


China Daily / China Daily Information Corp / Reuters

7. ...air...

William Yu Photography / Getty Images

8. ...and water.

9. You could explore the depths of the earth...

Photographing caves
Pura Vida / Getty Images

Photographing caves

10. ...and its highest peaks...

Sylwia Duda / Getty Images

11. ...and even the worlds beyond.

Encyclopaedia Britannica / Getty Images

12. You could span centuries.

Literally, centuries.
Pixavril / Shutterstock

Literally, centuries.

The world is full of amazing things you could do, and quitting smoking is one of them. Do something amazing with Nicorette®.

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