What Would Disney Princesses Look Like Today?

    A modern twist on our favorite fairytales.

    For many of us, Disney princesses bring back great childhood memories. But what would the princesses look like in 2016? We decided to give each a modern makeover that stays true to their original attitudes.

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    Snow White went blonde! And she's a social media maven now, sure to capture every outfit on Instagram.

    Cinderella is as charming as ever, though she still has a little trouble walking in heels...and she's always late.

    As the Queen of Naps, Sleeping Beauty can be found with a skinny caramel latte in hand at any given moment. And though she's got a trunk full of makeup, she's rarely feeling awake enough to actually use it.

    Ariel is loving life on land and is now a bit of a wild child! She dyes her hair a new color every month and never leaves the house without fishnets.

    Belle is still her geeky self and has her nose in a book at every chance she gets.

    Jasmine, ever the explorer, is big into travel. It's rare to find her without a colorful scarf and an camera around her neck.

    Pocahontas is still concerned about the environment: She's big into cruelty-free makeup and even brews her own kombucha.

    Mulan is a total badass, rocking a beanie and androgynous clothing as her go-to uniform.

    Tiana still loves green, but these days, she rocks it under a power suit. Slay, girl!

    And these days, Elsa's a bit edgier, with bright makeup and accessories to show off her personality.

    Which modern Disney princess do you most identify with?