These Astrology-Inspired Makeup Looks Absolutely Slay

    What's your sign?

    Astrological signs say a lot about who we are. But what do those attributes look like when they're brought to life with makeup?

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    Turns out every single sign is stunning. Check out Aries' confident look:

    And Taurus is fierce as hell.

    Gemini has that bold twin look goin' on...

    And Cancer looks charming AF.

    Leo's lioness look is loud and proud...

    While Virgo's got that innocent vibe down.

    This flirty look is perfect for Libra:

    And those bold lips and dark eyes are totally Scorpio.

    Sagittarius looks ready for an adventure:

    While Capricorn has a moody vibe.

    Aquarius is the life of the party...

    And Pisces' look is insanely fun.

    Which look do you like best? Does your makeup match your sign?