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    Word First Auto Lanmodo Car Tent

    After buying a present day vehicle, one of the most critical property you need to recollect is the way to protect the car. Harsh climate, rain drops, dirt, snows and dust could make your vehicle not to look as neat as it must appearance. This is why lanmodo transportable car tent is made to be had to you. It's miles newly advanced automobile tent garage built with high-tech function making it the proper preference for all automobile proprietors. Sincerely maintain studying this publish to research more approximately lanmodo tent garage in advance than making an investment your money in it. Lanmodo is the world first wireless auto car tent which can transformer into beach umbrella & camping tent and power bank, which is useful and helpful not only for car lovers but also outdoor activity lovers.


    There are hundreds of reasons why transportable vehicle garage tent is known as the great among one-of-a-kind automobile covers. The conventional car tents are designed usually to be used at home. They're built for desk bound use making them no longer choice at the same time as there may be need for cellular automobile tent as maximum car fans usually desire safety on their automobile when they want to move away from domestic. Greater so, transportable vehicle garage can shield your vehicle from awesome varieties of subjects in conjunction with from heat summer season climate and high temperature. Moreover, transportable vehicle cover can defend the flammable cloth to your automobile. Additionally, the toxic gases as well as breathless substances and others internal your vehicle can be covered whilst you make use of transportable vehicle garage built with cell feature. In reality, you can no longer need to fear approximately any shape of damage to your vehicle when you have transportable car garage installation on top of your automobile even as you're on the move. Those and greater are the cause why you need transportable car garage to your vehicle at any component in time.

    Why select Lanmodo vehicle garage tent?

    Perhaps you're just listening to about Lanmodo car storage tent but do no longer clearly recognize what it is able to offer, you are in the right region. This part of the put up is devoted to offer you reasons why you want to pick Lanmodo automobile garage tent over different kinds of automobile tents in the market. The Lanmodo car garage tent is built to be used on top of automobile for maximum safety similar to the auto storage tent designs with functions that made it easy for cell use. Some of the functions of Lanmodo car storage tent that made it cell pleasant consist of the following features:-

    1. The best sunshade for car which can reduce at least 70℉ temperature inside the car in summer

    2. Multi-function such as prevent bird droppings, dust, acid rain, deciduous etc

    3. One size can match with Seden, Pickup,SUV, Jeep, Mini ,4 wheel beach motor.

    4. Rechargeable battery , one time charger , work up to 45 days

    5. One click set up by wireless remote controller

    6. 8s open and close process, 30s installation process

    7. Transformer into an auto beach umbrella

    8. Transformer into a 4 people camping tent

    9. Transformer into a power bank to charge your device and plug in USB led light

    10. big open size but small package size

    12. and more functions..

    Recommendations for the usage of Lanmodo car tent

    Whilst there are numerous, blessings associated with Lanmodo vehicle tent, it is continually vital for customers to be aware of the warning provided by manner of the producer earlier than going beforehand to utilize this vehicle safety. The reason is to avoid risks related to wrong use of Lanmodo car tent. Some of the pointers for using Lanmodo automobile tent you want to realize are:

    1. Do not drive whilst your Lanmodo automobile umbrella is on: the producer of Lanmodo automobile tent has advised that customers have to no longer use the auto tent even as using to avoid accident.

    2. Open anti-wind hook even as you set up and need to use it: the Lanmodo vehicle tent is constructed with anti-wind hook that would help shield the tent from effect of wind. For this reason, after set up, you have to make certain that you hood up the anti-wind hook, the hook will help to guard the umbrella from damage.

    3. Affirm the strength in advance than going earlier to utilize Lanmodo automobile tent: commonly, it may use for over 1 month after one time charge, even as it is crucial to maintain in mind the strength of this umbrella earlier than going beforehand to apply that lets in you to avoid unhappiness.

    4. Press reset when your far flung control isn't available: Lanmodo car tent is built for use with far flung manipulate for folding and unfolding. But while the far flung isn't always to be had you could press reset button located on pinnacle of the charging port close to the suction.

    5. Fee the battery with wall charger or fashionable vehicle charger: if the battery electricity goes down, you could feel it with either modern day car charger or simply wall charger