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When Sourcing For The Best IT SUPPORT...!!!

There will always be those areas of business that excite you - a brand new marketing campaign or product launch perhaps - it's unlikely that IT support can ever be one of them. Nevertheless IT support is one of those things that when you need it, you really would like it! If you do end up in an exceedingly disruptive IT-related state of affairs, you will be kicking yourself for not paying more attention to it earlier when things were going well.

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Our functional operation

IT maintenance operates in the best conditions, equipment and park enterprise software. The executives of the function are generally attached to the direction of the information systems. They may (within smaller companies) depend directly on the Director General, the Institutional Head or the Secretary General (in the absence of the Director of Information Systems).

Operation, IT maintenance is present in medium and large companies as long as they have a computer park. It is also located in the service sector (engineering and IT services companies) as part of their outsourcing activities.

This Function Regroups Two Areas Of Activity:

Operation whose priority is to manage all the phases of the putting into production (installation, maintenance, assistance).

These managers are responsible for:

•Implement and guarantee the proper functioning of the computer system and networks,

•Implement the operating procedures (backups, automation's, etc.) and optimize them.

The main trades include the operating analyst and the operations manager, both of whom work in the user companies (or the user) and the service providers.

Computer maintenance which aims to ensure the availability of hardware and applications to users.

Their mission is to:

•Management of the IT infrastructure, as well as the evolution of tools (hardware, software),

•Ensure hardware installation, troubleshooting and training as part of customer support (external to IT services, internal to the user).


In the end, the reason for IT support is to minimize downtime and find your business back up-and-running as quickly as possible. An IT support provider ought to have the experience to deal with multiple vendor problems, the expertise to keep a cool head in an exceedingly crisis, the true a service-level agreement as a guarantee.

ITASSIST, understand the IT Support challenges businesses face and have developed a support service that doesn't pull any punches. Their Managed IT Support Services meet the needs of businesses with hardware and software from multiple vendors.

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