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5 Way To Wear In This Spring

Spring is officially here and after a long cold time of wearing thick coats and parkas we all feel like wearing cute and breezy spring outfits again. However, the weather might still a little bit chilly in our plans and it isn’t quite warm enough to be bare arms and legs. But don’t worry, no matter what type you are we got you covered with styling ideas for the current spring period. We have the tips you need to relieve your Spring/Summer dresses from the winter break.

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1. Light Jackets Are More Than Just Outerwear

Yes, winter coats are there to help you battle the elements, but spring jackets are a little more versatile. When picking one out, think of it as more of a cardigan than a coat. Keep an eye out for one that's light and made out of a thin material, like cotton or linen. That way it won't have such an "outerwear" feel to it and you can easily keep it on all day as a layer.

2. Add Sleeves To Your Sleeveless Dresses

A girl can get a little impatient when the sun is refusing to cooperate but new dresses are popping up all over display windows. To have the best of both worlds (meaning, wearing said dress without catching pneumonia an hour later) layer a long sleeve, collared blouse underneath to add some warmth. Not only does the blouse offer a chance to add color and/or pattern to the look, but a white sheer one can also add a touch of unexpected texture.

3.Comfy-chic Maxi Dress

It’s easy, breezy,and comfy-chic. Which is why the maxi dress is the dress of summer. With flip-flops it’s ready for the beach or pool, upgrade to metallic or leather flat sandals and you’re ready for brunch, shopping with girls, or a backyard bbq or birthday party. Upgrade to wedge sandals to dress it up a notch, stiletto sandals dress it up even more for a wedding, benefit, or summer soiree. Toss on a denim jacket or cardi at night if it gets cold, or polish it off with a crisp blazer or moto jacket for work.

4. Army Jacket

Rock your fave cargo jacket layered over a warm sweater — the extra layers will keep you warm and are easy to shed if the heat's blasting in class. Ankle boots with socks peeking out and a shearling bag give it a seasonal feel.

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