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Top 5 Apps To Use At A Corn Maze

These top 5 apps will enhance your maze experience this fall season.

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5. Plum's Photo Hunt / Via

"**2015 Best Learning App for Kids 6-8 iKids Award Winner**

**2014 Parents' Choice Silver Award Winner**

Get kids exploring outdoors with this free photo app from PBS KIDS! Plum's Photo Hunt is part of PLUM LANDING, an environmental science media property designed to get kids excited about exploring the wonders of our planet.

In this app, Plum, an alien from the Planet Blorb, sends kids on missions outdoors to photograph awesome things that they find in nature like the weather, plants, shadows and bugs.

4. iEMF+ / Via

"Convert your iPhone into a EMF Meter (electromagnetic field tester). Have the ability to Zero out the device to easily see relative changes to your environments magnetic field." When you have fluctuations in the magnetic field , they say it means ghosts are near ! Turn your EMF app on in the maze and see what kind of spirits are lost and wandering around you.

1. Sky View / Via

"SkyView® Free brings stargazing to everyone, and it's totally free! Simply point your iPhone, iPad, or iPod at the sky to identify stars, constellations, satellites, and more!"

The biggest sky can be seen over the maze at , day and night, and it's perfect for stargazing ! This app maps out the stars and planets for you over the sky. It's a really spectacular view and makes this app the number one app to have in the maze.

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