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What’s The Next Step You Can Take To Embrace Diversity?

Take this quiz to gain insight to what racist things you may be doing and get a result telling you how you can improve!

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  1. Check all of the following you've done in the past year

    Made racist jokes to friends
    Made racist remarks to a stranger
    Used the n word
    Claimed to be “colorblind” and erased a person’s race/culture
    Told a person of color they sound or act “white”
    Complemented someone in relation to who they are (ex. You’re pretty for an Asian girl, You’re smart for a black guy)
    Claimed that your black/minority friend says what you’re doing is okay
    Said “All lives matter”
    Dismissal of opinion due to made up ideas (ex. “Angry black woman” needs to calm down)
    Been offended when someone called out your racist behavior
    Opposed scholarships that take race into special consideration
    Believed in reverse racism
    Thought there should be a white history month
    Assumed a person of color is foreign (ex. So where are you actually from?)
    Denied your own privilege (not acknowledged that some of your success may be due to your race)
    Touched a woman of color’s hair without permission
    Mimicked an accent to tease someone of a different race
    Said everyone of a certain race looks the same
    Been surprised that a person of color speaks fluent English
    Been surprised that a person of color can be smart
    Initially thought someone is less capable due to how you perceive them
    Fetishized an entire race or said an entire race isn’t attractive to you (ex. I could never marry a black guy, I only date Asian girls)
    Cultural appropriation (Coachella, Halloween)
    Stayed silent when you could have defended someone
    Used 9/11 to justify your Islamophobia
    Were Islamophobic at all
    Looked at a woman differently for wearing a hijab
    Denied refugees because “They’re terrorists”
    Started a sentence “I’m not racist but…”
    Ended a sentence “...but I’m not racist”
    Didn’t check one of the options because you were embarrassed to admit you’d done it

What’s The Next Step You Can Take To Embrace Diversity?

Woohoo! Looks like you’re doing a lot to help and acknowledge people different than yourself, make sure that you keep up the good work and don’t let others get in the way of advancement. You’re a friend to all and clearly care about the wellbeing of others, so why not let the world know? And by that I mean literally shout it from the rooftops if that’s your thing. Going to protests and being sure to call people out on their problematic views and language can make a world of difference, so get out there and see what you can do.

Be an Active Ally
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You probably don’t slip up too often, and I’m sure you’ve read your fair share of feminist literature, now let’s incorporate these beliefs into daily life. Hopefully by now you’re comfortable asking questions and have learned a lot about global culture. Let’s take it to the next level! And by that, I don’t mean intergalactic culture, but that would be cool. You’ve now learned about a lot of people and ways of life, so your next step is to accept these different ways. You might think that’s a given, but look deeper. Don’t try to force people to assimilate or fit in, embrace differences and celebrate what makes us special.

Actively Accept
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You’re well on your way to being a friend to all, now you should look at people more individually. When you come across someone from a culture that your don’t belong to and aren’t well versed in, try to learn about them, their beliefs, and their lifestyle. Hopefully you’ll see that despite our vast differences, the world is a small place and we’re all one species just trying to survive. Believing in the good of humanity will help in empathizing and understanding those different than you, change is only scary when you let it be something you don’t understand.

Understanding and Empathizing
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You’ve started your journey towards embracing others, now let’s continue!The next step for you to take could be to recognize and acknowledge the privilege you have in your own life. By knowing ways that your life is easier than others, it can help you show more compassion to the struggles they face. This can be difficult for some people to admit to themselves, but everyone has some privilege, from being white to being able-bodied, try to think of ways your life may be easier than the lives of those around you.

Recognize Your own Privilege and Prejudice
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So maybe you’re not doing so well, but here’s an easy way to start heading toward a better you! Notice and celebrate the uniqueness of the human race. Every person you meet has their own story as long and dynamic as your own, filled with struggles that you have never faced. Recognize that everyone is different and that this difference enriches us and makes the world a better, more interesting place. Start to think about ways that others live their lives differently than you do and possibly learn about those differences.

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Looks like you have a long way to go, but the fact that you’re interested in bettering yourself shows that you’re already off to a great start! Look into yourself, think about who you are and what makes you, you. Think about how you don’t like it when someone disagrees with or insults your values, it makes you uncomfortable. Try to make an effort to remember this and think about how your actions could be impacting and hurting those around you.

Self Awareness
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