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    22 Stupid Easy Tips That'll Make Windows 10 So Much Better


    1. Click the active (front most) window and move it left and right with your mouse.

    2. They make navigation so much easier, but they only work on precision touchpads (like the ones on Surface tablets).

    3. Three finger swipe down: Show desktop.

    4. Three finger flick left or right: Return to previous app (left) or go back to current app (right)

    5. Three finger tap: Opens Cortana Search.

    6. Windows Key + Left or Right: Snap window to left or right side of the screen.

    7. Alt + Tab: Shows all open windows. Press tab repeatedly, then release to switch to the open window.

    8. Windows key + Tab: Like Alt + Tab, except it stays open and doesn't disappear when you release keys.

    9. Windows key + Control + D: Creates new virtual desktop.

    10. Windows key + Control + F4: Closes current virtual desktop

    11. Windows key + Control + Left or Right: Switch between virtual desktops

    12. Just say "Hey Cortana."

    13. Go to Settings > Accounts > Sign-in options and set the first option to "Never."

    14. Go to Settings > System > Storage and click on This PC to see a storage breakdown.

    15. Force Windows 10 to respect your privacy.

    16. Then limit diagnostic reports sent to Microsoft.

    In Settings > Privacy, scroll down to Feedback & diagnostics. Then under Diagnostic and usage data, select Basic. This doesn't fully turn off the feature, but with this option, your device will only send limited health and performance feedback to Microsoft.

    17. Finally, disable peer-to-peer Windows updating.

    18. Open the Xbox app, then type Win + G.

    Click the Record button to start, then stop, the screen recording.

    19. Hover over the top edge of the start menu window, then click and drag up and down.

    20. Go to Settings > Personalization > Colors.

    21. Right click on any term, and select "Ask Cortana."

    22. Open Settings and right click on any category to pin it to start.

    Now you can ride into the future, Windows warriors. RIDE INTO THE FUTURE.

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