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25 Tips Every YouTube Addict Needs To Know

YouTube karaoke = dreams made.

1. Just add "GIF" to the front of a YouTube URL, like this:

You'll be taken to GIF YouTube, where you can set the length of your GIF and add captions.

2. Search #artistname to land on a musician's topic page.

3. Musixmatch is a free Chrome extension that overlays lyrics on top of music videos.

4. is like a "Shazam" for YouTube, Dailymotion, and Vimeo. The site can identify songs in any video.

5. Find the "Autoplay" button on the top right and click it to disable. The slider should go from blue to gray.

6. View a larger version of the video by clicking on "Theater Mode." It's the rectangular icon at the bottom right of the video player.

7. Google's Video Quality Report can show you what quality of video your internet provider can support. The website can also compare your speed to other providers in your area.

8. Try 'em!

- k = pause or play

- j = rewind 10 seconds

- l = fast-forward 10 seconds

- m = mute

- Number 0 = go to the beginning of the video

- Numbers 1 to 9 = jump to 10% to 90% of the video

While captions are on:

- + = make caption font bigger

- - = make caption font smaller

9. Go to, scroll to the bottom, and click "Get the player."

The new player has a transparent control bar and scales to any screen size.

10. If you own a smart TV or Chromecast, you can beam YouTube videos from your mobile device to a TV display over Wi-Fi.

11. Method 1: While watching a video, click on "Add to" > select "Watch Later."

To view the video, click on the menu button > Watch Later.

On mobile, tap the menu button on the top left, then select Watch Later to view your playlist.

12. Method 2: Hover over a search result and tap on the three-button options icon, then select Watch Later.

13. Right click (or ctrl + click) on a video to share it at a certain time.

14. You can also click on the Share tab and select "Start at: [x]."

15. The YouTube Kids app (free, iOS and Android) features only kid-friendly videos.

16. If your videos are taking forever to load, change the default streaming quality for your account.

Go to and select this option: "I have a slow connection. Never play higher-quality video."

17. Click on the menu bar in the top left, select History, and hover over the video title to remove it.

You can also select "Pause watch history" to temporarily stop recording video views.

18. The Letters of YouTube are a compilation of the site's most viral videos in various categories like beauty, song covers, and fails.

View this video on YouTube

Relive the good ol' days.


Add these terms to help you refine search results:

- Add "channel" or "playlist"

- Add "HD" for high-definition or "3D" for three-dimensional videos

- Add "allintitle" to get an exact match of your search query

- Add quotation marks, as well as a plus or minus sign to include or omit results (for example: "beyonce" + "destiny's child" OR "beyonce" - "jay-z")

20. is a website that categorizes YouTube workouts by type and duration.

21. Peggo is a website that can turn YouTube videos and SoundCloud tracks into MP3s.

22. Solon is a website that can combine Youtube videos, SoundCloud tracks, and Vimeo videos on the same playlist.

23. Floating YouTube is a Chrome extension that keeps a floating mini player on top of all windows for YouTube.

24. Click on the gear icon > Speed > select ".5" or ".25" to play a video in slow motion.

25. While signed in, go to and make sure all boxes are checked.

HUZZAH! Achievement unlocked: Tube Maester

Congratulations, you scholarly YouTuber you.