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    21 Ridiculously Cool Last-Minute Gifts Under $50

    Things you can *actually* afford.

    Alice Mongkongllite / BuzzFeed

    1. Native Union's JUMP cable ($50) is a charging cable and portable battery pack in one.

    Native Union

    Never fear ~10% low battery~ again. This matchbox-sized pack holds up to 30% extra battery and contains both ends of a USB cable, so it's ready to be plugged into any charger.

    For Android-ers, there's a micro USB version as well.

    2. Misfit Shine ($50) is one of the only fitness trackers that's fit for swimming.


    The Shine is truly waterproof (up to 50 meters), so you can wear it in the pool, unlike the popular Fitbit and Jawbone bands which are merely water resistant. It's a great pick for swimmers and triathletes.

    My favorite feature of the Shine is that you never have to charge it. Its battery is replaceable and lasts about 6 months.

    3. Moshi's Clearguard ($25) keyboard cover is a great gift for your friend who is dirty af.


    Accidentally spilled coffee all over your keyboard? No problem. Just whip off the flexible keyboard cover and run it under the sink. Because it's clear, it'll also let backlit keys shine through. The ClearGuard is compatible with MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, and the New 2015 MacBook.

    4. The Photojojo Shutter Remote ($25) can take pictures up to 30 feet away from your phone.


    Let's vow to ban selfie arm once and for all. This super compact shutter remote can be paired with both Apple and Android devices via Bluetooth.

    5. This Mind the Snap Smartphone Remote ($18) works just like the Photojojo one, but it has a bit more flair.


    It's also comes with a collapsible clear stand.

    6. The WeMo switch ($40 each) connects to Wi-Fi and can be turned on or off from your phone, wherever you are.


    With the Wemo switch and app, you can schedule your lights to turn on at sunset or shut down your curling iron as you're running out the door. There are lots of clever IFTTT recipes that can help automate the Wemo (like this one that toggles the switch on/off when you arrive or leave home).

    7. Paperback Sticky Notes ($8) fit perfectly on the back of an iPhone case.


    Quickly jot down notes the analog way with this simple accessory. You'll always have a place to write down your ideas, even if you run out of battery.

    8. Triggertrap ($37) lets you control a DSLR's with a smartphone.


    The Triggertrap cord works with an iOS and Android app, where you can set the camera to be triggered by a variety of different prompts: face detection, motion, time lapse, and more. There's even a sound trigger so you can capture the SURPRISEEEE!!! at exactly the right moment.

    9. Tile ($25) is a tracking device that can locate both your phone and the item it's attached to.

    Nicole Nguyen / BuzzFeed

    Stick Tile to anything that's easily lost: your car keys, remote, luggage, etc. You'll be able to see that item's location from your phone as long as its in Bluetooth range (100 feet away). If it's not, the app will show the last known location. You can also enact a community find which springs Tiles from all around the globe to look for your lost item.

    Read my full review here.

    10. The Powerslayer ($30) is a smart USB charger that eliminates overcharging by automatically turning off.

    Uncommon Goods

    It can also charge twice as fast as standard USB chargers. The Powerslayer is compatible with any device that charges via USB, including cameras, iPhones, Samsung phones, and tablets. The "high durability charger" is an additional $20.

    11. This Lightsaber Selfie Stick ($20) is how all selfies should be captured – with the Dark Side.


    If your giftee is brave enough to wield Darth Vader's lightsaber, then this telescoping selfie stick might be the perfect present. It can expand up to 40 inches and features a spring-loaded phone mount to hold your device securely. Plug in the 3.5mm jack to control the shutter with the button on the lightsaber's hilt.

    12. Toymail ($50) is a bear-shaped, Wi-Fi enabled messenger that can play voice messages from any phone.


    Record your voice with the app (you can also choose a silly filter for it) and your kid will be able to hit the play button to listen to the message. They can also reply from Toymail (which you can listen to on your phone). It's like a walkie-talkie between you and someone at home.

    13. Chromecast Audio ($35) lets you control speakers with your phone from anywhere in the house.


    Plug this hockey puck-sized accessory into any speaker and you'll be able to stream from apps like Spotify, NPR One, and more over Wi-Fi. Your phone acts as a remote and you'll be able to answer a call or leave the room without interrupting the stream. It works with both iOS and Android.

    14. The JBL Clip ($50) has impressive sound for such a small speaker.


    An Amazon reviewer said, "I give this speaker the highest recommendation possible." This portable audio player connects to devices via Bluetooth and has a built-in mic so you can take hands-free calls.

    15. Anker's Ultra Slim Battery Case for iPhone 6 ($40) offers 120% longer battery life.


    There's a 2,850mAh capacity battery that holds up to an extra day's worth (12 hours) or web browsing or over two days' worth (60 hours) of audio. Not convinced? It's Wirecutter's top pick in the battery case category and they tested 25 different models.

    16. Pencil by FiftyThree ($40) is a chunky drawing stylus that works with iPads.


    The Pencil is really fun to hold. It has a bouncy rubber tip and end that acts as an eraser when connected to an iPad with the Paper, One Note, Procreate, or other compatible apps. When set up, Pencil features palm rejection (which is amazing for illustrators 🙌).

    17. The Knot Your Average ($40) charging cable has a weighted anchor that'll make sure your cord stays put.


    It'll never fall into the between-the-nightstand-and-the-wall oblivion again.

    18. The Amazon Fire TV Stick ($40) packs a lot of storage and memory into a tiny media streamer.


    You can watch Netflix, HBO Now, Hulu, Amazon Instant Video, and more with Amazon's TV streamer. Get the voice remote option so that you can search for episodes and channels by speaking into the remote's built-in mic.

    19. Share your tunes with this Heart Headphone Splitter ($12).

    Urban Outfitters

    Just plug your headphones into one of the dual aux ports and press play.

    20. The Skeye Nano Drone Quadcopter ($44) is an on-point gift your grown-up geek friend.

    Urban Outfitters

    The Nano Drone is the world's smallest quadcopter and is ready for take off. It includes a remote and a USB charging cable. Warning: the battery only lasts about 10 minutes of flight time, but perhaps ten minutes well spent?

    21. And if you're willing to spend a ~little~ more than $50, go for the Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 ($69 - $79).


    Take and print photos, Polaroid-style, with Fujifilm's pocketable instant film camera. Film is about $16 for 20 sheets.

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