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This Extremely Chill Video Game Is All About Succulents

If you love succulents, your day has come.

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Succulents IRL are obviously the best thing ever.

But if your real garden isn't enough to satisfy your succulent desires, there is now a second best thing...

Meet Viridi (free, Mac and PC, iOS coming soon), a click-to-water game where doing less is more. The trick is to *not* overwater your buds.


Once a day, I click on each bud to see if it's thirsty.

Each bud's hydration levels appear at the bottom. My mini pachyphytum fittkaui was thirsty, so I gave him a little spritz. The spritzing noise is very satisfying.

Thirsty:Oh cool lets spray thisSated:Wouldnt hurt if I do it againOverwatered:Oooh what happens if I do it one more time?DeadR.I.P Plantie

To distract yourself from watering your plants, you can play with your snail friend instead. You can water the snail infinite times.

You can zoom up to it, "sing" to it, pick it up, move it around, and name it. I named it Frank. The snail is actually the best part of this game.