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23 Impossibly Cool Gadgets For The Person Who Has Everything

Innovative stuff they'll *actually* use.

1. The iLeef iBridge USB drive ($74 for 32GB) will prevent you from EVER running out of space.

2. The Perfect Bake ($19.61) is an amazing gift for anyone who is terrible at baking.

3. Cuff ($30 - $129) is a line of smart jewelry that can instantly alert friends and family when you're in danger.

4. The Drift Light ($25) automatically dims at night, which will help you fall asleep.

5. Earhoox ($10) forces Apple earbuds to stay in your ear.

6. Spire ($150) is a wearable gadget that can help with anxiety.

7. The Tablift ($60) holds up your tablet anywhere, in any position.

8. The Selfie Kase ($50) turns an iPhone into a portable ring light.

9. The Travelamp ($8) turns a phone's flashlight into a glowing bedside lamp.

10. The Neo Smartpen ($170) turns handwriting into text.

11. The Coolest ($499) is a tailgate party one stop shop with a blender, speaker, phone charger, and more.

12. This bath air pillow ($55) holds up your smartphone while you chill in the tub.

Aside from running out of breath to inflate it, this waterproof cushion takes out all the work of taking a bath. You, too, can be highly entertained by your iPhone homescreen. The pillow also works just as well (if not better) out of the bath.

13. Bedphones ($60) are headphones that are comfortable enough to fall asleep in.

14. The Thing Charger ($40) can turn an outlet into a charging station and eliminate messy cables.

15. The Iris Lens System ($59 each) is a professional-grade lenses for your phone that work with *any* case.

Many phone lenses require special mounts or special cases – and Photojojo finally developed a wide angle, fisheye and macro lens (sold separately or together for $109) that works with any case. An iPhone or Samsung mount is applied between your phone and your preferred case and an elastic cord keeps it snug.

16. Vinylify ($70) can press your custom playlists on vinyl.

17. The Automatic ($80) saves you money on gas by teaching you how to be a better driver.

18. The Mycestro ($150) is a mouse you can wear on your finger.

19. The Fluidstance ($289) keeps you moving at your standing desk.

20. Flic ($39) is a shortcut to your favorite phone actions.

21. The Zolt portable charger ($100) can power a phone, tablet, and *laptop* simultaneously.

22. These gum cable organizers ($9 for 4) are a fun way to keep cords under control.

23. And for a tech-loving kitty, here's a cat scratch laptop ($30).

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