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    I Wore A Smart Ring For A Month And This Is What Happened

    *buzz buzz* You've got a text from bae.

    Ringly does two things: it 1) produces different buzzing patterns and 2) lights up in various colors.

    You can use the app to program each Ringly notification. Just . . . don't set too many.

    Ringly knows who your VIPs are, and can also send an alert if you leave your phone behind.

    If you identify your most important contacts, it can ping you ~more intelligently~ by letting you know only when calls and texts from those people come through. In preferences, you can also enable the "Out of Range" feature, which will buzz you when the phone is over 30 feet away.

    The battery life is so good, I often forgot it needed to be charged.

    Ringly was amazing to have in situations that require my undivided attention (like meetings and lunch).

    I kept my phone in my backpack (where it belongs) instead of rudely on the table.

    If something *really* needed my attention, the ring would let me know.

    Other places where Ringly isn't so great are movie theaters and dark cocktail bars.

    Something to note: Ringly is very big and the gold styles are very gold.

    I mean, I've worn bigger rings, but I wouldn't call Ringly dainty. If you're going to make Ringly a part of your signature look, you need to be okay with rocking costume jewelry, day in and day out.

    I wasn't a huge fan of the band on the style I reviewed (it has a navy "Out to Sea" Lapis gem). The 18k gold plating is too yellow for my taste. But don't get me wrong: Ringly is the most attractive wearable tech I've laid my eyes on. The company recently announced a new limited edition "Libra" collection with a dark, gunmetal setting that I am °₊·ˈ∗ obsessed ∗ˈ‧₊° with.

    My favorite Ringly style is actually is Dive Bar ($195). The gunmetal band is badass and the neutral quartz gem looks great with everything.

    Ringly is the only "smart" anything that I'd actually wear every day.

    Who is Ringly for? People on the move.

    Above: Ringly, as seen on my coworkers/temporary hand models.

    Ringly is $$$. The most expensive model (Into the Woods) is $260 and the majority of styles are priced at $195. For comparison, that's about the same price as some smartwatches and fitness trackers with notifications capabilities.

    But don't just think of Ringly as a tech purchase, think of Ringly as a ~luxury jewelry~ splurge.

    If you spend a lot of time where phones are (or should be) forbidden, like meetings, night classes, lunches, etc., then Ringly is for you. If you have the kind of job where you're preoccupied with things like interfacing with customers all day and want to stay connected, then Ringly is for you. Like I said before, it's essentially a pager that allows you to focus on the conversation and look at your phone only when it's DIRE.

    Ringly would make a rad gift for someone you really love/want to splurge on. *nudge nudge*

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    *cough* Dive Bar *cough*

    You can purchase Ringly from Shopbop, Nieman Marcus and

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