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17 Ways To Live Your Best Life This Summer

Including the floating wine glasses dreams are made of.

1. Live your best life with a one-person electric watercraft ($3,500).

2. This floating waterproof Ping-Pong table ($80) allows you to live your best life with *friends*.

3. The Coolest ($485) is a USB-charging, gadget-toting, bottle-opening cooler with a built-in blender and cutting board.

4. These Beach Glasses ($10 each) float and stay upright in the sand.

Rosé all day, every day.

5. This PowerPole ($100) is a next-level selfie stick that can charge all the things.

6. The Nyne Aqua Bluetooth speaker ($130) floats on mother-freaking WATER.

7. This briefcase is also a barbecue.

8. The Pixelstick ($349) is a 6-foot-tall light-painting tool that can create insane backgrounds like this:

Time to take advantage of warm summer nights, y'all.

9. This USB thermoelectric cooler ($20) can fit exactly one soda.

10. This cardboard smartphone projector ($27) can create pure outdoor movie theater magic.

11. These chill-maintaining wine glasses ($60 for a set of 4) can keep your chardonnay cold for up to 30 minutes.

12. This waterproofed Kindle Paperwhite ($240) is for when you are SO OVER your rafting trip.

13. This BioLite CampStove ($130) generates electricity that can charge your phone.

14. This pickup pool ($199) transforms your truck into the best thing ever.

15. This beer cooler ($369) uses no electricity — just the EARTH to chill your dranks.

16. This tree tent ($523) can fit three people.


17. And, lastly, this epic pool float ($50) because pizza.