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    17 Ways To Collect Your Guests' Wedding Photos


    Jenny Chang / BuzzFeed

    1. This fun generator will make one for you.

    2. Or get inspired by one of these unique hashtag ideas.

    3. The Elli Blog has a black-and-white editable PDF available for download.

    4. If you enter your hashtag in this Instagram wedding sign generator, this site will make it for you.

    The design size is A4 and there are 11 designs to choose from.

    5. Botanical Paper Works has a printable that *looks* like chalkboard.

    6. And DIY-ers can try their hand at turning one of the above templates (or any template) into a fancy chalkboard sign.

    7. Using this IFTTT recipe, you can automatically save photos you're tagged in on Facebook.

    8. Or send all hashtagged wedding Instagrams to your Dropbox account.

    9. You could also post hashtagged photos to a Facebook photo album for all guests to enjoy.

    10. Have your guests download Wedding Party (Free, iOS and Android) to privately upload images.

    You can also enter in your wedding details and message your guests through the app. Wedding Party has a lot of fun photo tools like photo strip layouts and a GIF creator.

    11. WedPics (Free, iOS and Android) is another app that offers unlimited photo uploads by guests to a private account.

    You can download photos at full resolution or order prints from the site.

    12. Eversnap captures everything into a private album (including Twitter, Instagram, and photos taken from a digital camera), but it's more expensive.

    With a package, you'll receive 200 instructional cards to hand out to guests. Packages range from $99 to $199.

    13. Another alternative is creating a private Flickr group. The app is free (iOS and Android) and offers 1000GB of free storage.

    Make sure you invite all of the event's attendees to the group. Once each guest has uploaded their photos to their personal Flickr photo stream, they'll need to go to the Organizr, click the "Your Groups" tab, and drag/drop the images to the wedding group.

    14. Artifact Uprising creates beautiful square-shaped books from Instagram photos (starts at $18).

    15. Too many photos to handle? Relive your wedding day all year long with Printstagram's Calendar ($40 for 365 prints).

    16. If you've found the *one*, immortalize it on canvas through CanvasPop (starts at $40).

    17. You could also create an Instagram wall inspired by A Beautiful Mess using prints from PostalPix.

    Instructions here.

    Now sit back, relax, and let ~loose~.

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