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This Easy Craigslist Hack Will Help You Find An Apartment

Find out about your dream listing as SOON as it's up.

Finding an apartment can be very stressful.

You might start your search looking for THIS.

...but you'll end up settling for this.

But this insanely easy Craigslist hack will help give you an actual chance at the apartment of your dreams.

First, go to Craiglist.com's apts / housing section.

Then fill out the left column with price maximums, parking needs, and other housing requirements.

Then, press "Search" and, after the page reloads, copy the Craigslist URL.

Get an IFTTT.com account, then go to this page and paste the Craigslist URL at the bottom. Click "Add"!

Now, as soon as an apartment is posted that matches your criteria, you'll get an email alert and be the *first* to know.

You *could* use Craigslist's built-in email alert feature...

But with IFTTT, you can personalize the email's subject line and body, which makes it really easy to set up filters so the emails don't clutter your inbox.

Say hello to flats with patios like THIS.

And bedrooms like THIS.

OK, so your new abode will probably look more like this...

... but you're much more likely to get an apartment a) within your price range and b) that doesn't suck, if you respond to Craigslist listings promptly.

Now, go forth and get the apartment dreams are made of. ✨