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The Most Metal Way To Prevent Tangled Earbuds


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1. First, start with your hands in the "ROCK ON" AKA Sign of the Horns position, and hold the end of your buds like this.

Carolyn Kylstra / BuzzFeed

Make sure your buds are on top of your pointer finger (secured by your thumb) and behind your pinky.

2. Now, wrap them in a figure-8 motion around the two fingers.

Carolyn Kylstra / BuzzFeed

3. Keep wrappin' until you have 6 to 8 inches left.

4. Wrap the remaining cord around the figure 8.

Carolyn Kylstra / BuzzFeed

5. Finally, tuck the earbud jack under.

6. Now, when you pull on each end of your earbuds, it'll be perfectly untangled every time!

Carolyn Kylstra / BuzzFeed
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