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    15 Genius iPhone Accessories That'll Help Declutter Your Life

    For everyone who's addicted to their phone.

    1. The Ikea Kvissle ($10) is a compact (and affordable) charging station that can fit a power strip and hide your cables.

    Spray paint the corkboard lid to add a pop of color!

    2. Belkin's USB leather keychain ($27) conceals a USB-to-lightning cable under its tassel cords.

    So ~stealthy~.

    3. The Spool Dock ($65) twists to wind up your charging cable so it doesn't get in the way.

    You can use it with or without a case (just turn the support bars around to fit either). It also works with iPads!

    4. The SanDisk iXpand ($50) is a portable storage attachment that can backup photos or videos anywhere.

    Facebook: sandisk

    It plugs right into an iPhone's lightning port and is seriously a must for travel.

    5. The Bendy Cable ($8) is only 7 inches so you don't have to deal with a tangled mess to charge your device.

    6. The MOS Spring cable ($20-$40, depending on length) is virtually indestructible, unlike Apple's chargers. MOS is so sure about the cable's strength that it offers a lifetime warranty.


    There is also a micro USB version.

    7. These Rustic Cord Tacos ($30 for 3) will keep your earbuds or phone cords tidy and tangle-free.

    Here's how to wrap up your earbuds, btw.

    8. The Blue Baxter ($55) dock has a small storage compartment for rings, coins, keys, and other necessities.

    You could use this stand with Clocky ($2), a fullscreen alarm clock.

    9. The Halo Back ($30) is a screen protector that adds an invisible "back button" at the bottom of your screen, so you don't have to reach up.

    Halo Back has a smart layer that sends a current to the top left of the screen. With this screen guard on, you can use your phone with just one hand.

    10. This ceramic vase ($32) by Stak Ceramics can also accommodate a small bouquet or your favorite writing utensils.

    Definitely cuter with some flowers.

    11. This gooseneck phone holder ($16) makes it easy to read articles or watch Netflix in bed, hands-free.

    Look ma, no hands!

    12. The Pickup Power ($60) is a surge protector that has a portable battery pack built-in.

    For days when you need extra power, just pop out the portable battery. It can charge your smartphone up three times and includes two USB ports so you can power up multiple devices at once.

    13. You won't have to tote around bulky tripods with this key-size Keyprop ($8).

    It's awesome for arm-free selfies and stable videos.

    14. The Stowaway Case ($35) offers a ton of protection, plus a little hub for cards.

    15. These whale iPhone 6 cases ($3) can fit small odds and ends (like headphones or credit cards) in its mouth.



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