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    Posted on Mar 3, 2016

    Here's Everything You Need To Know About Amazon’s Newest Gadgets

    Order pizza and request Ubers ~with your voice~.

    You may have heard of an insanely well-reviewed device called the Amazon Echo, which has a personal assistant called Alexa and a speaker built-in.

    Nicole / BuzzFeed

    Read my full Echo review here.

    Well, unless you live in a super tiny studio, the speaker component of the Echo is kinda... meh.

    Nicole Nguyen / BuzzFeed / Amazon

    At loud volumes, the audio starts to sound muddy.

    Well, Amazon just announced a new device, the Echo Dot, that lets you put the intelligence of Alexa into *any* speaker.


    It's a HUGE deal for people who use Alexa to play a lot of music.

    The hockey-sized puck costs $90 and can do anything its big sis, the Echo, can do.


    Like recognize your voice from across the room, turn on your lights, etc.

    Except, when you ask Alexa on the Dot to "play you the latest episode of Serial" or "play my Discover Weekly playlist on Spotify," you'll be able to listen to it through your speaker of choice.


    The Dot can connect to audio systems via Bluetooth or an audio jack.

    There is one big sneaky caveat: you can *only* order Echo Dot through Alexa, with your voice.


    That means you can only get an Echo Dot USING THE ECHO YOU ALREADY HAVE, or the Fire TV.

    Ugh, way to ruin a good thing, Amazon.

    Amazon also announced a smaller and cheaper version of the Echo called the Amazon Tap ($130), a portable Bluetooth speaker.


    The battery allegedly lasts 9 hours.

    Instead of being able to recognize your voice from anywhere in the room, Amazon Tap requires you to press a button before asking Alexa anything.


    But Alexa will only work when the Tap is connected to WiFi or your phone's data.

    Amazon Tap will be available on March 31 on and the Dot is available today (but remember: only through Alexa.)


    We're one step closer to the damn future, y'all!

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