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    Someone Finally Built A Better MacBook Charger

    It's so, so clever.

    The sad reality of MacBook chargers is that they are unapologetic space hoarders.

    We've accepted this as a fact of life for over a decade.

    Well, a New Jersey-based company called Ten One Design just created a solution that's so obvious, so game-changing that I can't believe this isn't the way chargers are already sold.

    Ten One Design

    What the what! So simple!

    The Blockhead ($20 for one, $35 for two) is a side-facing plug that keeps the adapter close to the wall, so it can fit in tight spaces.

    Ten One Design

    It's available to pre-order now and due to ship in late April.

    And what if you use an extension cord? The Blockhead's still thinner.

    Ten One Design

    The Blockhead is compatible with all MacBook and iPad chargers.

    Ten One Design

    Older iPad minis with smaller iPhone-style chargers (5 watt) will not work with the Blockhead.

    The product's designer Peter Skinner told BuzzFeed, "I've used the same plug for ten years and it never occurred to me that this problem is fixable."

    Peter Skinner

    Inspiration struck when Skinner's sister came to visit and complained about how her charger never fit behind the couch.

    Ten One Design

    "I had this instant moment of clarity," he said

    Adapters, as you probably know, can also get very hot.

    One neat detail is that there's a designed space between the Blockhead and the wall, to let air flow through.

    Ten One Design

    Peter told us: "The adapter is inherently safe and and will turn off by itself if it gets too hot anyway. But why have it overheat at all?"

    SO GOOD.

    You can pre-order a Blockhead for yourself at Ten One Design's website.

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